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By Donald  L. Tilford
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As many of us have found out, life does not always go as expected.  Through the years
everyone in one way or another experiences serious problems that must be contained
and fixed.  Most people will experience at least three extremely difficult problems during
their lifetime.  Being asked or forcibly required to move from your apartment or home
may be one of them.
Making the right decisions in a fast timely fashion may mean the difference between
keeping your possessions, or losing what you have to someone else.

Imminent Danger

If you’re in imminent danger of being forced our right away from your home, you should
begin the process of removing your most important things right away.  It would be best
to take these things to your parent’s home, a friend’s home, or if you have to, rent a
small self-storage unit on a month to month period to preserve your belongings.  If you
feel you have a little extra time, you may want to start removing things slowly, starting
with irreplaceable things such as family pictures, high school sports awards, and your
most treasured possessions.

Where to Go

You also need to decide right away where you should stay if you have to leave your
existing home or apartment.  One should probably consider staying with mom and dad
since this decision would probably be the cheapest.  Second consideration should be
with one of your closest friends however, you should keep this stay as short as
possible to preserve your respect and friendship with the ones you know and love.  If
you have funds available, be sure to offer a generous amount of money in exchange
for your temporary stay in their residence.  By staying with friends or family, you will
also be able to save at a faster rate the required deposit and rent money that may be
needed latter after you get adjusted and back on your feet.

Extended Stay Hotels

If you can’t find family or friends who can take you in, you may want to consider finding
temporary residence in an extended stay hotel.  What makes this type of residence
unique is the fact that each unit has a kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, microwave,
one or two full-size beds and bedding, dresser, nightstand, color TV, cable, and a
dining table with two chairs.  Extended stays are also a great place to stay if your
options are limited because they combine all the conveniences of a hotel and all the
essentials of an apartment all together into one. They are more expensive because you’
re not under any extended contract like you are in an apartment or home.  You can get
reduced rates at extended stays if you book by the week, and can receive even more
discounts if you book by the month.  In some states if you stay five weeks or more, you
have established a residency and are not required to pay sales tax. It’s best not to stay
at one too long because they tend to be a little pricey.  If you need to find a place right
away that is furnished and available, then extended stays might just be the perfect
residence for you.

Out of Money and Out of Cash  

If you’re out of money and out of cash then your options are going to be limited and you
may also have more restrictions.  If you find yourself in this position then you may want
to seek help at your local church of worship or church in your area.  Many churches
have programs to deal with people who are in extreme hardship and are willing to open
their doors to individuals or families.  A shelter or family shelter if you have children is
also a possibility if you cannot find a place to live.  Most shelters are free and are
funded by generous church members or other government agencies and services.  A
few who do charge may charge as little as ten dollars per night for a single person.  

Other Social Services

There are additional social services that may also be able to help if your in an
emergency and cannot find a place to live.  Dialing 411 in many states will connect you
with trained agency professionals who can help direct you to a service you may need.  
Just be advised many of these services are out of funds due to budget cuts and many
of these services may not be available.  It’s probably best to call and see what is
available in your area.  Section 8 is a very popular program where the government
pays a percentage of your rent based on your income.  The problem with this program
is that it is in such demand that there can be a wait for one to two years to get into the
program in some of the big cities.  If they are filled, it is best to get on a waiting list and
hope you can move up the list quickly.

A New Beginning

Being without a place to stay is not the end of the world.  Most people in their lifetime
will one day become homeless due family problems, divorce, or job loss.  It’s important
to keep your head on your shoulders so you can explore options that are available.  
Keeping a positive attitude will be one of the best things you can have to help you
through this period of life.  Always keep in mind that when God closes one door, he
always opens another for us.  Many times this second door will be much better than the
door we have just left and may be filled with wonderful new opportunities.  It’s hard to
believe but these decisions and changes in our lives were probably made many years
before we were born.   

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