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Seven Things Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

Women have always longed to be noticed and to be appreciated for the
special gifts and unique qualities they have. In today's world, it can sometimes
be difficult if not impossible to stand out and get noticed. Many of us are heads
distractions and have almost forgotten to look up to see what is going around
us in the real world. You may want to consider using the seven unique ideas
listed below to make that special man in your life look up and take notice.
Having these qualities will not only put you at an advantage from other women,
but will also move you to the front of the line of women he may be looking at.

A lot of ideas that have been popular the last ten or twenty yeas seem to be
running out of steam and have not been as popular with men as first predicted.
When this happens, it's always good to go back to the basics that have
worked for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Listed below are seven
extremely important qualities you really have to learn to put you at a strategic
advantage. Doing so may be a life changer and may alter your life in a
wonderful and positive way.

Unique Personality

Having a unique personality that is very different and positive will separate you
from all other women and will get you noticed and admired! No matter who you
are or what you look like, you should be positive, confidant, and happy on who
you are and what you stand for. When you speak, you should speak with
positive confidence, with a smile on your face and with a warm sparkle in your
eyes. People who display this have a wonderful love of life that can become
addictive to others. People love to be around positive people, because positive
people make others feel good about themselves.

Conservative Dress and Make Up

Girls, watch applying too much heavy makeup. Nothing can de-class a woman
faster than have too much applied makeup. Don't worry about or watch the
hottest trends as well. You want to have a look that is consistent and if you
don't watch, you may end up painting your face with too much make up. You
will also want to be you and not a follow me when trying to decide on your
facial makeup. Having just the right amount of makeup that makes your face
sparkle with an added touch of a beautiful fragrance will send your special
someone spinning.

You also need to be careful and watchful with the way you dress as well. I
know skin is in, but you need to be conservative with your dress to keep a
since of mystery about yourself. The biggest mistake a woman can make is
showing too much too soon. Keeping your body modestly dressed will keep
your body and image in mystery and he will be coming back to spend more
time with you as your relationship develops.

Genuine Nurturing

It's very comforting for a man to have someone who enjoys taking care of her
family. Genuine nurturing is one of the most sought after qualities that many
men look for in a partner. Girls, read, learn, and talk to other people about
enhancing your ability to nurture the man you love. Learning to bring this quality
out starting on your first date will spark an exciting interest in you that he may
not have seen in a long time.

Rock Solid Values

Rock sold values belongs in the class of moral absolutes. Moral absolutes are
values and morals that are absolute that will not and cannot change no matter
what the climate of the country is or what seems to be trending at the moment.
Morals and values are carved in stone and cannot be changed under any
circumstance. Having and displaying strong rock solid values will define you
and will place you in a special respected group all their own. No matter what
men say, having special strong morals is really in the hearts of most men and
is one of the most desirable qualities a woman can posses. Having these
qualities will give you and your partner the ability to love at a stronger and
enhanced level

Superior Cooking and Home Skills

Nothing is more appreciated than smelling a wonderful home cooked meal on a
Sunday afternoon. There is an old saying that says the way to a man's heart is
through his stomach. This can very easily be true with many men. Spend some
time and learn how to cook some delicious meals over the next several
months. Many people consider cooking to be an excellent hobby because it
can be so much fun with many rewards. While your at it, enhance other home
making skills while your at it. Learning valuable skills is not only appreciated
and fun to do, it can also add valuable dollars to your family budget. You can
also gain important pride and self-worth while truly being appreciated and
respected by that special man in your life!


As you probably already know, life is very competitive. Education is one way of
improving your life while gaining important knowledge that will help you
compete in today's fast paced world. Most men here in the US respect and
desire an educated woman. A woman who invests her time and energy in
educated can not only bring additional income to the family budget, but can
also have a better understanding of life in general. This will make her more
valuable to the family and will put her in a stronger position when helping with
important family decisions.

Believes and Worships God

Understanding the past, who you are, how you got here, and where you are
going will give you peace of mind beyond imagination. Your understanding and
love for God is the most important universal concept of all things in life. Staying
firm in your love and respect of God will keep your soul clean and your mind
fresh and alive. Your whole personality will shine and explode with love that will
touch and effect everyone who comes into contact with you. You will be a
bright shinning light of love that will attract many people to you too. Of all the
seven points that have been discussed here, none is more important than your
belief and love for God.

Final Thought

Life can be exciting and wonderful when you apply the principles listed above.
Doing so will elevate you to the top and will put you in a position to gain and
achieve dreams you never thought possible. Going back to what has always
worked in the past is not only a good idea, but is also smart. Using these
important ideas and leading a good life will give you peace and happiness very
few will ever have. You will not only become a good wife and mother, you will
also be filled with the most important thing in life, LOVE!

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