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By Donald  L. Tilford
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Being a stay at home mom is hard work with long hours of taking care of children and
the home.  Yet it is also one of the most desired and fulfilling jobs any mom could ask
for.  Because there is no financial compensation, finding a job that pays from the home
would be beneficial and would help with the family’s finances.  Many moms do not have
a car and transportation becomes a serious hurdle when trying to supplement family
income as well.

Online Surveys for Stay at Home Moms

Now there are new options for mom’s looking for work within the home.  Online surveys
are now a legitimate part-time job and a way to bring in some extra cash from within the
home.  Many online surveys are approved by the BBB and provide an excellent, safe,
and reliable way to add additional resources and funds to the family budget.  Surveys
are easy, fun, and a great way to make money at home.  All you need is a computer
and an Internet connection.  Many surveys can even be taken on smartphones with
today’s technology. This is an exciting advancement that now allows you to make
money while on the go. Taking surveys online is also one of the best work at home
jobs available and is perfect for the unemployed, stay at home mom, disabled, or for
the person who is looking for a second job.

How Much Do Surveys Pay?

Surveys vary in compensation depending on such things as the company sponsoring
the survey, and the length of the survey.  Most surveys however pay on average from
one dollar to five dollars for a five to twenty-minute survey.  Occasionally you will have
the opportunity to take a few that range to even higher limits.  You won’t get rich from
you can use or save or apply to the family budget.  The more surveys you take, the
more money you will earn.  

Why Do Companies Pay People To Take Surveys?

All major companies will do a sampling of the population to get their opinion on a
product or service before millions of dollars will be spent on a new product, idea, or are
a great way to get a feel on what products and services consumers are willing to pay
for.  This is a win proposition for both the company and survey panelist.  Do not be
mislead, there are a lot of get rich scams out there that you have to be very careful
about.  Rest assured, surveys are legitimate, safe, and can be a great source of
additional income for any single mom that desires to add to the family income.

How Are You Paid?

Most survey sites require that you hit a minimum threshold amount determined by the
survey site before you can be paid.  Once this amount is hit, typically twenty-five to fifty
dollars, you can request what is called a cash out.  Many surveys pay by check, which
will be sent to you by mail.  About a third of survey sites offer payment by PayPal,
which is a great way of getting paid even faster.  A few also offer points that can be
traded for prizes.  Nearly all survey sites offer drawings as well, which allows you a
chance to win large prizes and larger amounts of cash.  Surveys are easy because
nearly all surveys are multi choice questions making survey taking fun and easy for the
stay at home mom.

Final Thought

A stay at home mom does not need to feel trapped at home and unable to work any
more!  Now there are additional options that can be taken into consideration when
looking for more ways to bring in additional income for the family to save or spend.  
With the convenience of online shopping, moms don’t have to own a car to work and
shop.  Today’s technology and tools have given mom’s new choices that were never
here twenty years ago.  It’s an exciting age we live in with new ideas and possibilities
around ever corner.  Making use out of life, and making use of our time will help define
who we are to our family and children.  Surveys won’t change your life, but they will
definitely add an exciting sparkle and enjoyment to your life that you never thought

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