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By Donald  L. Tilford
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Quality Microwaved Baked Potatoes in Minutes

Before the microwave, the only way to cook a baked potato was in the oven, which
in most cases took up to an hour or more to cook.  With the invention of the
microwave, you can now have a delicious steaming hot baked potato in around 7
minutes or less!
Unless you know the secrets of microwave cooking, you may end up with a potato
that is undercooked and hard in the center, or shriveled up and overly done.

Secrets from the Chiefs

Many professional chiefs like to use russet potatoes which are Idaho potatoes.  
These potatoes seem to have the best flavor of all the potatoes sold today.  To
begin with, start by giving your potato a good rinsing and scrubbing.  Next you will
need to prick some holes in the potato so the internal steam from cooking can be
released.  Be sure you have a microwave safe plate that you can then place the
potato on during cooking.  Time and rotation are going to be the two secrets to
getting that perfect baked fluffy potato every time.  You will need to set the timer on
two minute intervals and turn the potato upside down every two minutes.  You will
want to cook the potato for six to seven minutes, so be sure to rotate the potato
every two minutes and then one last time setting the timer for one minute at the
end.  Again, you will cook the potato for a total of six to seven minutes on average,
depending on the size of the potato and the wattage of the microwave.  The rotation
of the potato will ensure even cooking so that all parts of the potato are cooked to
Your potato will continue to cook even when you take it out of the microwave, so let
it stand for a minute or so to help get the center nice and soft.

The Fun Part

Cut a slit in the top, and then push both ends with your fingers to open up the
potato.  You should put salt and pepper and then butter on first, followed by other
favorites you may want.  If you decide to put cheese on top, the two favorites are
monterey jack and cheddar cheese.  Follow this by a moderate serving of sour
cream and you will have a restaurant quality baked potato that will simply be
delicious.  You will also enjoy knowing that your potato will also be high in B
vitamins, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and other nutrients while saving money
at the same time.   

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