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By Donald  L. Tilford
Expert Author
Using Coupons Can Add Valuable Money to the
Family Budget

Coupons Are For Everyone

Consumers saved about two billion dollars last year using coupons.  Seventy eight
percent of consumers use coupons regularly.  It does not matter if you are rich or poor,
using coupons can and will save you money.  A family needs to only spend about one
hour a week on average to see about a one thousand dollar yearly savings.  Saving
money with coupons is not only about adding money to your pocket, it can also be a lot
of fun.  It’s also exciting to hear the beeps at the register when they scan your coupons
at the grocery or retail store.  Many get out of debt companies now make it a
requirement to use coupons to help lower the weekly expenses of people and families in

Food Prices Are Going Up Everyday

Food prices have gone up through the year because of the drought that hit most of the
country in 2012.  Many people have decided to start a garden in 2013 to help bring their
food cost down.  Clipping and using coupons is still going to be one of the best ways to
help keep part of your hard-earned income.  One additional way to save is by watching
for and using double coupons.  Many grocery stores have one day a week where they
will accept and credit you with double the face value on your coupon.  Double coupons
coupled with store items on sale can in some cased mean you get the item free.  

Try Gardening to Stretch your Food Dollar

One last thing you may want to do to try to stretch your food dollar is to start a garden at
your home or residence.  Gardening can not only save money but can also be a lot of
fun as well.  You will need to spend some time nearly every day to attend to the garden
and to keep weeds from over taking your garden.  Organic has been extremely popular
in stores and food that is grown organically will also bring a premium price at check out.  
You will need to invest in some tools and seeds to get started, but this will pay for it’s
self in a short amount of time.  It’s been also proven that gardening is good to relieve
stress and is also a great source for daily exercise.  This fun hobby is also perfect for
senior citizens.  Give gardening a try and who knows you may be hooked at something
exciting, fun, that you can enjoy nearly every day at the dinner table.       

On Line Printable Coupons Make it Easier Than Ever To Find And Print Coupons

Before the modern day of computers, you were restricted to coupons found in the
Sunday newspaper and mailbox.  With the World Wide Web you can now locate and
print valuable coupons right from the Internet in the comfort of your home.  Now it is
easy to search and locate the coupons you need to help bring your family’s food budget
down.  It’s always going to be enjoyable to clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper
and continue to recommend this.  Spending money at the store does not have to be
stressful.  Saving money with coupons is an easy and fun way to help bring your
expenses down.  Using coupons regularly will help put money in your pocket and will
also make going to the store a little more fun.

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