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By Donald  L. Tilford
How to Get a Free Auto

For the poor, disadvantaged, and disabled, getting a free auto is a dream come true if
you are lucky enough to be chosen to receive one of these free autos.  Most of these
people have no idea where to look, let alone where to apply for a free car.  The
wonderful thing is that there are people who do care enough to donate an unneeded
car to the disadvantaged.  The person donating the auto is illegible to receive a tax
deduction on their yearly tax return for this charitable donation.  

The Requirements for Receiving a Free Auto

The requirements in most cases are very simple.  You simply have to qualify as low or
no income to be considered.  Some centers and charities also accept plea letters for
consideration.  Having a family and children also greatly improves your chances since
the winner is hand picked from a group of representatives from the charity giving the
auto away.  Most of these charities are nonprofit organizations and charities in
business to help people in need.  Normally you only need to show documentation such
as your last years tax return proving you are at or below poverty guide lines set forth by
the US government or that you have been approved for and are on food stamps.  Once
chosen and you meet the required guidelines for the auto is yours.    You don’t have to
purchase the car because it has been donated for you absolutely free.

The Tax Man

One thing you need to do if you are selected as a winner is to contact you tax
consultant to see if any additional taxes are required to be paid during tax time.  
Depending on the car’s value, you may be required to pay a gift tax on your taxes for
that year.  

Online Applications

Many of the charities and non profit organizations accept applications online, so be
sure to research and apply to as many of them as you can to increase your chances of
receiving one of their vehicles.  Receiving plea letters from you, your church, or other
organization may also help in their consideration.


Being chosen the recipient of a free auto donated by a charity or non-profit agency
would be one of the most exciting times in a person’s lifetime.  Their everyday living will
completely change with the addition of a donated car.  With this in mind, it is truly
beneficial to continue to search and apply for as many places as possible for a give-a-
way or donated auto.  If you are lucky enough to be chosen as the winning recipient,
you will see an increased quality of life you could only dream about.

Charities Offering Free Autos:

For more information on this and other topics go to

This is a free non profit organization that helps with free housing, free food, free cell
phones, free education, free autos, and emergency cash for the unemployed and
anyone in need no matter what you income is.

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