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By Donald  L. Tilford
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storage. More people than ever are for going their houses to foreclosure and bank
homes to smaller more efficient apartments with reduced utilities. Many young people
are finding roommates while other young adults are returning back to live with mom and
dad. The next question they have is what do they do with all their stuff! The answer to
this is self-storage.

Be sure to compare

Keep in mind that all self-storage companies are not the same. It is always best to find a
self-storage close to where you will be living. This will help cut down on time and on
travel expense to your storage unit once one has been found. Be sure to compare their
prices, look at a copy of their contract, and be sure to ask if the unit you are interested
in is on a month to month, or yearly contract. You will normally just need to provide a
picture ID, and pay the first month's storage fee to rent a storage unit. You will be
expected to supply your own pad lock to secure the door on the storage unite once one
has been rented out.

Keep Your Payments current

Be sure to keep current on your payments to prevent the company from adding
additional late fees to your account. Late fees can really add up after a short period of
time. Once an account becomes 30 days or more delinquent, they may file a preliminary
notice of lien against your unit and personal property. Once a storage unit becomes 60
days late, the owner of the self-storage unit can send the delinquent unit to auction to
help recover any lost revenue due to non-payment. You don't want your unit to become
part of the television series "Storage Wars"!

Other Ways To Save Money

Self-storage is a great way to go if you are trying to tighten your belt and save money. If
you do move from a home to an apartment, you may save money on such things as free
water, free trash, and free sewer in many cases. Some apartments are also offering free
flat screen TV's, and free electric to attract new renters. You will also not be required to
make expensive or extensive repairs to the property. You can also save money by not
having to pay expensive never-ending property taxes each year as well. Many people
are also claiming an apartment exemption on their taxes each year to save additional
cash during tax time. When all is said and done, you can expect to save up to $7,000.00
a year by making this move and using self-storage to reduce you monthly expenses and
to store your personal belongings. Using self storage as a way to save money will give
you financial freedom and will also be a great way to save money for the future.

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